True distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Classically inspired, especially created for cocktails.


FLUÈRE is about flowing in the moment, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and wanting only the best. For those Consumers choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle; the ’Sober Curious’ movement.


When we didn’t always want our mind clouded in social situations, we decided to do something about it, to create a portfolio of liquids that would allow us to drink and take part whatever the occasion. 

The concept of ‘flow’ is fundamental to FLUÈRE, that feeling of purpose, energy, ease of movement physically and mentally. Peak performance. We’ve been looking for ancient Roman texts for inspiration on which botanicals to use for our FLUÈRE expressions and in doing so derived the name FLUÈRE from the Latin to flow. A fitting name. The bottle itself is an expression of flowing, the ripples down the side reminiscent of a river.

We’re on a mission to bring our “all day drinking” concept to life. Within this concept we’ve identified 5 drinking

moments: On the Go, Brunch, Aperitivo, After Dinner and Late Night. Our Master Bartender curated for each of those occasions a selection of delicious tasting and easy to make non-alcoholic and lower alcoholic cocktails to enjoy the

moment and celebrate life without compromising on complexity and flavors.

Like high end perfume houses we use a technique named hydro steam distillation to distill each individual botanical we use in our award-winning liquids. After this process we combine all distillates together and create our final liquids. The last stage of the process is that we use tunnel pasteurization and by doing so we ensure to have the most stable non-alcoholic liquid currently on the market that also comes with a 24 months shelf life.

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