Non-alcoholic Magic: an Alcohol-Free Aperitivo Adventure

The cocktail culture has undergone significant changes in recent years, leading non-alcoholic beverages, especially mocktails, to play an increasingly prominent role. This trend not only caters to the growing demand for a healthier lifestyle but also addresses the need for diverse and refined drinks during social occasions. When considering a delightful aperitif, mocktails can come in handy. One can indulge in a tempting aperitif without the inclusion of alcohol.

Non-alcoholic cocktails can have an incredible variety of flavors, from refreshing fruity drinks to spicy infusions; there's something for everyone. Mocktails can be so sophisticated, providing your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Offering mocktails as an aperitif allows you to create a unique moment for your guests. Add fun decorations to the mocktails and let the guests enjoy the visual aspect alongside the delightful taste sensation.

An aperitif is not just about the drink but also about the social connection it fosters. Moments will be shared without anyone feeling excluded. Mocktails ensure inclusivity for all your guests.

That's why Fluère has several recipes on the website that are perfect for the upcoming winter months. Below, we've listed our favorites so you can treat your guests to the most delightful taste experiences.

Fluère Dry Martini (Low ABV | 6,5%)

50 ml | 1 ¾ oz Fluère Original

50 ml | 1 ¾ oz Dry Vermouth

A dash of orange bitters.

Garnish with an olive.

Fluère & Tonic

60 ml | 2 oz Fluère Original

150 ml | 5 oz Tonic Water

Fill a glass full with ice, pour and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Fluère Raspberry & Soda

50 ml | 1 ¾ oz Fluère Raspberry

100 ml | 3 ⅓ oz Soda Water

Garnish with a raspberry.

Fluère Nogroni

30 ml | 1 oz Fluère Anatolia

30 ml | 1 oz Nonalcoholic Vermouth

30 ml | 1 oz Fluère Bitter

Fluère Exotic Ginger

50 ml | 1 ¾ oz Fluère Anatolia Blend

150 ml | 5 oz Ginger Ale

Build in a glass with fresh ice and garnish with a slice of ginger and burn cinnamon dust over the drink for a sparkling effect.

Fluère Anatolia & Tonic

40 ml | 1 ⅓ oz Fluère Anatolia

150 ml | 5 oz Tonic Water

Fill a glass full with ice, pour and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Non-alcoholic cocktail moments with mocktails as an aperitif are much more than just a trend; it's a refreshing revolution in the world of social drinks. So, the next time you want to serve your guests an aperitif, make a delicious mocktail using one of these surprising mocktail recipes from Fluère. Give your guests an unforgettable evening and a great experience.



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